You'll notice the canoe this guy is rowing is only half there.  This is Chief Gado.  It seems
there was a man named Chief Malaguana from Tumon who heard of the great feats of Chief
Gado of Inarajan. Chief M. decided to travel to Inarajan by canoe  to challenge Chief Gado.
Nearing the villiage of Inarajan, Chief M. met a stranger who invited him for dinner.  Chif M.
accepted the offer and shook a coconut off a tree, which the host (if you haven't figured out by now
was really Chief Gado) crushed between his fingers.  Chief M. was impressed, and believing Gado
to be an ordinary human, thought. "If this can be done by a common villager, how strong is the chief?"
He thus decided not to challenge Gado and asked to be taken back to Tumon by canoe.

Both chiefs climed into the canoe, but paddled in opposite directions.   Eventually the canoe broke in
half with a roar.  Chief M. paddled back to Tumon so fast that he did not know the canoe had broken in half.
Chief Gado later recorded the story on the walls of the cave now known as Gado's Cave.

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