Aerial Pictures of Guam Page 2

Another view of Leo Palace Resort.

Leo Palace Resort again.

Apra Harbor

Navy Fuel Farm

"Big Navy" (COMNAVMAR) and the inner Harbor.

Almost all of Apra in one shot.

Another view of Big Navy and Apra.

Orote Point and the now closed air field.  This is not NAS Agana. According to what I cand find, this was a Marine air field.

Agat Boat Marina

Agat and the marina.

Southern Guam with Umatac Bay in the center. This is where Magellan landed so many years ago.

Malesso, Merizo, and the reef flats near Cocos.

All of Cocos Island from 6500' MSL.

Apra and Orote Point from the sea.

Another view of Orote Point and Apra.

End on view of Orote Point.

Glass Breakwater and Apra Harbor.

A couple wrecks near the breakwater. The "Anerican Tanker" (a concrete barge) is in there somewhere.

Piti Power Plant and the Piti Channel

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