Pictures of Guam

Mangan Quarry

Site of the Japanese HQ during the battle for Guam

First Post-War Radio Station

Original Weather Service Building

Japanese war crimes trial site

Top of Nimitz Hill

Panoramic view of Guam looking North

PGUM in the distance from the south

A commemorative plaque

Another commemorative plaque

Old PSD Site

Last Japanese holdout position

The white obelisk on top is the Nimitz VOR. The black obelisk in the center is the memorial to the victims of the Korean Airlines crash in 1997. It is at the site of the crash.

Geiger Field. Now the home to local cattle.

One of the last Quonset huts left on Guam

ITC Building. THE landmark for 99% of all directions given on Guam.

Nimitz Hill from the perspective of the attackers from the sea.

Welcome to Umatac where the Spanish first landed on Guam

Fort Solodad on top of the hill. The first Spanish stronghold.

Umatac Bridge

"Bear Rock" (I still think it looks more like a chipmunk)

Talafofo Bay

Handrail in the elevator at Pacific Islands Club. Who says Pacific Islanders are reserved (or modest)?

Communter Terminal at PGUM. I have flewn all three of those planes.

Good Bye, Guam. It's been fun!

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