My first Trike ride!!!

Shortly after takeoff from Hana (PHHN). Here, as with most of the flight, I am flying the aircraft. Armin's is activating the camera with his right hand. The only time he is helping me control the aircraft (several times!) is when you see his left hand on the bar as well.

Here you can see the center of the 3,606' long runway and the blooming metropolis of Hana in the background.

"Clear right!"

More of the HUGE city of Hana (What a neat little town... Too bad it's so damn expensive to live there.)

Skiting the hills. Trying to stay mostly out of the turbulence but looking for lift.

Hmmm... I guess there were waterfalls down there, eh? ;)

Coming up to the edge of the cliff about 400' AGL.

More waterfalls. Must remember that right is left and left is right in these crazy machines.

Headed back to the coast and away from the tour helecopters (or "Fliegenmischmaschinen" as Armin calls them) to do some airwork.

Along the coast, climbing to 4500' MSL.

Still climbing...

Still climbing...

Still climbing...

Still climbing... (These things climb real well, these pictures were just taken close together.

Oh-Oh... What's that silence? :)

Now we really ARE gliding.

It took us about as long to descend as it did to climb that high.

Setting up for a downwind entry for a right pattern to runway 8 at HNM.

Rolling into base leg. Still a bit high but rather slow so we'll lose a lot of altitude picking up the airspeed.

Not much different than the approach in the Blanik. Leave a lot of altitude until you are certain you can make the field. We glided in and "taxied" all the way to his hanger without restarting the engine. Even taxiing that thing is backward. Right is left and left is right.

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