Aerial Pictures of Oahu

One of the Civil Air Patrol 182's I fly

Waimea Falls

Some kind HUGE Russian cargo jet

Not from the air, but pretty close.

The other CAP 182

Waianae Coast Power Plant and Ko Olina

(bottom to top)
Nanakuli, Waianae, Makaha


North end of the West coast

Kaena Point

Departing 4R from PHNL

Salt Lake City (not the one in Utah)

Little off center  (no, I am not flying)

Trippler Army Hospital

Aloha Stadium with Ford Island in the background

USS Arizona Memorial
USS Missouri
Ford Island (former NAS)

Wahiawa Comunity Garden

Lake Wilson being cleard of Salvinia molesta.  A very prolific lake covering weed.

The Dole maze.  Supposidly the lagest outdoor maze in the world.

My first glider flight.

Waiting take-off clearance on 4L PHNL

Clearance granted, twilight take-off

Night time flying on Oahu

Some kind memorial, I think, near Mililani

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Hawaiian Waterfalls

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