Aerial Pictures of Oahu (Page 2)

Waianae Harbor

Kaena Point (Imagine how bumpy this ride was!)


Haleiwa Harbor

Old air strip. Two fighters managed to scramble from here on 07 December, 1941. One of the famous inbound bombers landed here as well.

Waimea Bay and Canyon

Shark's Cove

Turtle Bay Hilton

Old Marconi Radio Station, long since abandoned

Kahuku Airfield. Also long ago abandoned. Far north point of Oahu.

Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus

Polynesian Cultural Center. Not nearly as exciting as it looks from here.

Green Valley. The site of many movies.

A view of Kaneohe Harbor not often seen by "the public" (the Marines are very protective of their airspace)

Moku o Loe Island. Also known as Coconut Island and the location of the lagoon in the opening scenes of Gilligan's Island.

The writing on the tower says "Welcome to MCAS K-Bay"

What is left of Bellows Air Force Base

Lighthouse on Makapuu Head

Sandy Beach Park

Hanauma Bay (State Underwater Park)

Hawaii Kai

A not-so-famous view of Diamond Head

Close up view of Diamond Head

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Waialua Bridge on Kauai (I know, it should be on the Kauai page but it was the same day and an additional tasked mission)

Apparently CAP wanted to see how long it would take for us to plan and execute a photo recon mission.

So we were tasked to go take pictures of a bridge on Kauai...

Still not sure what this is. Looks like a Totem Pole now...

North Shore Doing High-Bird waiting for our turn in the ELT search box

Our turn in the box.  Five minutes later, target located. Look in the red circle for a yellow panel.

Hard to see, isn't it?

Imagine trying to see it at 75 kts while getting tossed about by the turbulence.

Still not easy to see even after knowing where to look

Your Civil Air Patrol on guard. Just hope that if you do go down we are on duty.

The product of somebody with a LOT of time on their hands. This isn't in a place that it's likely to be seen by very many people.

The range where I sharpen my archery skills. Just happens to be right under the downwind for RNWY-6 at Wheeler AAF.

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