Travelogue Chapter Eleven

Wednesday, June 5th 5:47 p.m.

Today I decided to become a Hindu-Vegan. I want my "fair share" of Micky D's $10,000,000...

Yesterday I mentioned a dime when trying to relate the scale of the projects I am doing in school. As it turns out I was being a bit generous. Today I took a penny (can't afford to have a dime) and laid it next to the hole in the circuit card I was working on. If you look at the back of a penny you'll see the words "ONE CENT" on the bottom. The "O" in "ONE" is just about the same size as the hole through which I am working. Imagine it as being round and not oval... That is the big one on the top level... As I go down to the next level the hole is about ½ that size. Imagine repairing a circuit run inside a hole that small. We excavate the hole using dental tools and other hand tools we "customize" to fit out needs. It's no wonder my eyes are tired by the end of the day, eh?

That's about it today. The weather has been pretty good (sunny and clear) the last few days so I suppose it will burn its self out and be crappy again this weekend... Oh well, I'll probably head for the hills again this weekend and wait till next week to go flying. Need to spend some time listening to the air traffic on the hand held to familiarize myself a little with local procedures first...

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