Travelogue Chapter Sixteen

Friday June 28th 10:10 p.m.

Just a quick note to let ya'll know I'm still alive. Found out today that the project I am having the most trouble with will be one of the first I'll be required to teach the week after next. The reasoning behind that logic(?) is if I fail the evaluation (all my teaching sessions will be evaluated during this course) I will have time to make it up.

I was watching the news just a few minutes ago. I learned that ALL fireworks are illegal in the entire state of California. How sad.

Tomorrow I will be taking my first unsupervised sojourn into the Class B airspace surrounding us. I am taking a guy from work for a ride so I'll have another set of eyes helping me keep a lookout. I am a bit nervous about this ride, but the CFI who checked me out for the club seems to think I'll do fine. It's really a matter of paying VERY close attention to where you are at all times... I'm going to take the camera along and give it to my passenger to use so I might have some more fromtheair pictures posted soon...

Next week I am planning on taking a little motorcycle ride. If everything goes as planned I'll complete a Bun Burner 1500 ( ) on the 4th. That'll give me three days to find my way back. Planning on doing it as a "straight out" ride rather than a round-about ride.

Welp... It's getting late and I gotta be up early to get a new front tyre mounted on the bike.

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