Travelogue Chapter Three

Saturday, May 25th

Woke up bright and early this morning. About 0600 my eyes popped open and it was time to get up. Not a whole lot more to report. Still hanging out at the fairgrounds. Took a little ride along the American River yesterday. The LT is loving life once again. No longer bound by 45 mph speed limits and limited geography I am able to give it its head every now and then. It is running real well and there are no signs of the valve cover gasket problems I had earlier. Not really sure what kind of fuel economy I am getting but initial indications are promising. I filled it up yesterday and the first ¼ tank carried me 75 miles so far. I don't expect that kind of economy on the way to San Diego. I'll be carrying my entire life with me and probably traveling a bit faster so it'll probably suffer a little.

Today's plan is to take a ride on the Poker Run. A Poker Run is kind of a self-guided tour of the area. Usually you are given a list of directions with associated questions of things along the way. The more questions you answer correctly, the more cards you get to draw from a deck of 52 to try to make the best 5 card and you can. The top hands are awarded prizes. Not really sure what the prizes are this time, but it's not really about the prizes anyway, it's about the ride.

Wellllllppp... It's a bit after 0900 now and the Rally Headquarters should be open so I gotta go get my Poker run stuff....

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