Travelogue Update

I hate Microsoft today even more than I ever have in the past.

    I spent three hours this afternoon writing up the latest entry to my Travelogue.  I was sharing the flight I took today.  (I just realized that I spent longer writing about it than I did actually doing it...) About 90% of the way though it, just getting ready to start wrapping it all up and all of a sudden I get an "Error Report" dialogue.  It was informing me that "Netscape" had caused an error and was going to be closed.  Period.  All of my work vanished in an instant.

    I have lost all motivation to do it all over again.  Maybe some day, one on one, I can tell you about the wild ride through the turbulence, the low level F-16's, the negative value Dewpoints, the inland sea 228' below MSL, and talking to LA Center...  However, for now, it is gone forever.

On to next chapter