Aerial Pictures of Our Rota Round Trip

Another picture of the Antonov AN-2 Colt from Russia.

South Finn Navy Housing and the village of Dededo

More South Finn Housing

Our house is fourth from the bottom in the center of this picture

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Guam

Approach to the south west side of Rota

Harnom Point. It looks very much like Orote Point on Guam

The village of Rota on the island of Rota.

More of Rota on Rota

Some kind resort on Rota

This gives you an idea how thick the jungle on Rota is...

Distant view of Rota Airport. We were going to do a low pass but there was inbound commercial traffic so we stayed clear

Waves on the West shore with the wind from 250°

Bird Sanctuary

Waves on East shore with the wind still from 250°. BIG difference.

Interesting geological formations along the shoreline at Rota

Back to Guam. We were given clearance to do a "low" pass of Anderson AFB at 1000' AGL


Super Cross and Baja dirt track on Guam

Golf Course

Nimitz Golf Course

North West Heavy back taxiing on the runway we were just cleared to land on...

Perfectly lined up. Not too bad for a 10 knot cross wind component.

Agana Tower

Can you say "Wake Turbulence"??

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