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Some kind building in Pasadena.  Not sure what it is..,.

Pyramid Lake

South Creek Falls

Pyramid Lake

Linda's Bike


What South Seas bike shop did to my mirrors.

Do you think it snows in Auburn?

Auburn Ravine Bridge over the American River.  Some might recognize it as the bridge that XXX threw the Corevtte from...

California's shortest State Highway

Before the trip to Uncle Tom's Cabin

At Uncle Tom's Cabin

Plaque at Uncle Tom's Cabin

After trip to Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Officer didn't understand my joke about the City's Protection Service.

View upon waking up at Sherman Pass

More view


Hooved motorcycle rider killers

Pretty Meadow

So THAT's why it was a bit chilly last night!

Sherman Pass

Neat looking old tree

Neat looking rock

Lake at the beginning of the dirt road to Uncle Tom's Cabin

I have NO idea what this thing is.  It's about 8" tall.

The "smoke" is millions of small flowers

The small flowers that made the "smoke"

What's missing from this sign?

The reason for the missing sign info.

Me at Cherry Lake

Me still at Cherry Lake

Eclipse out my window

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