My Student Solo Cross Country flight...

This is the view from the cockpit after passing my first VFR check point (Ritidian Point).  If you look very carefully under the cloud base to the left of the compass you can just make out the coastline of Rota.

This was taken just a few seconds after the first one, but from my perspective this time.  Notice that about all you can see is clouds and water.  That's usually how it is for most of the trip.  This picture was taken at the Degree Confluence of 14°N 145°E

This is a view of the Northeast corner of Rota (looking East).  The airfield is the bright spot below the cloud base alomst dead center in the picture.

This is what I see after passing Rota.  Nothing but clouds and water for the next 57 miles.  Then it's "Goat" Island.  (Pictured below)

This is the airfield at Tinian.  The true history buffs will recognize Tinian (not this airfield) as the location the Enola Gay departed on August 6, 1945 on its way to Japan.

This is the rest of the island of Tinian.  Not much to it, is there?  Imagine trying to find it in heavy cloud cover.

And here we are after leaving Saipan headed back to Guam.  Sorry, no pictures around Saipan this time.  Was too concerned with avoiding clouds and traffic while trying to line up for landing.

This is ½ of "Goat" Island (officially known as Aguijan Island).  The other half is pretty much the same.  This little piece of exposed limestone is the third of my four VFR waypoints on the way to Saipan.  It is the second (Tinian being first) on the return trip.  This picture was taken from about 6500' MSL.  Even less here than on Tinian.

This was taken shortly after passing goat Island.  Somewhere in there just below the cloud base is Rota. (I could see it clearly but it didn't show up well in the picture)  It was VERY unusual to see Rota from so far away.  Kinda made navigating with the instuments pointless today.

Finally we get back to Guam.  This is a picture of Two Lover's Point and ½ of Tumon bay.  I think the entire mass of Goat Island could fit in that bay.  This was taken somewhere between 1400' and 1500' MSL just before I made the motions to enter the pattern for landing at Guam.

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