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I decided to combine three of my favorite activities into one simple forum. Those activities are Flying, Photography, and Computers. Combining the three of them together found me creating this web site. Hopefully I will be able to continue all three activities for many years to come and this page will continue to grow. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I did placing them here. Most of the newer pictures found here were actually taken by my wife, Tamara (another of my favorite activities), in an attempt to keep her mind off the fact that she was actually hurtling through the air in a small airplane.

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Aerial views of Hawaii
Visit my motorcycle stuff (mostly BMW motorcycles)

Air Force Interception pictures by Mel Souza

Internal Views of the formerly classified
Red Hill underground fuel facility

on Oahu.
Cross Country Flights
Aerial Views of Montana

Rally Reports

Aerial Views of Northern Marianas Islands

Follow us on our motorcycle trip through 49 states.
I've played a bit with my camera and computer.
The reults of that playing has been some Panoramic views.
Be warned, some of these pictures are huge.
Pictures from 4 months in California
The stories behind some of those pictures.
Various pictures that don't really belong anywhere else on this site. Some Macro, some Tele-Digi...

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