All Packed Up and Everywhere to Go.

14 March 2006
Wahiawa, Hawaii

All is well.  All is well.  All is well.

I figure if I keep telling myself that it will come true.  At the very least it will ease my mind until the shit really hits the fan.

I'm still not convinced I have all the I's dotted and the T's crossed with regard to my retirement paperwork.  The disbursing clerk that is supposed to be working on my retirement is a real jackass.  Between misleading information and outright lies he's told us the last few months I really don't know which way is "up" right now.  His latest spew was to tell me that Tamara was not required to be present to sign the Survivor's Benefit Plan paperwork the day BEFORE I check out.  I know for a fact that she has to be there and has to sign the paper acknowledging the SBP plan we choose.  Unfortunately there's not a lot that can be done about this guy.  He's pretty much got me over a barrel right now and one little "mistake" on his part and I spend the next 30 years trying to correct his errors.

For the last week or so we (well, Tamara mostly) have been working hard to ensure that all the right "stuff" gets to all the right places.  Some of our stuff, including the BMW motorcycle and the dirt bike, is already on its way to Butte.  Most of our stuff will be packed up in the next two days and taken to a storage facility in Benicia, Ca until we call for it.  The remainder will be either carried by us or shipped in our "Unaccompanied Baggage" (no longer refereed to as "Express Shipment" because it takes so long to get there it was a misnomer) on Friday.

Our entire house right now is a collection of piles.  Some piles are covered with sheets with a big "NO!" sign on them so as to prevent the movers from packing them tomorrow.  Some piles are destined to be hidden in the utility room so they won't be packed at all.  Some piles are headed to the dump.

Since I didn't have time to screw around with the jerk who tried to scam me on the Dodge I decided to inconvenience him as much as I could by reporting his activities to his email provider.  They thanked me for my note and promptly yanked his account.  Any email sent to that address now bounces higher than the "Certified Check" he was going to send me.  It probably didn't really do much to slow him down but if I caused him just the smallest amount of discomfort it was worth the few minutes it took to report him.

Our trip plans keep changing all the time.  Seemingly by the minute.  No big deal, really.  That's what this trip is supposed to be all about.

We're still dedicated to making Hyder Seek in Hyder, Alaska the end of May (even though I understand they just received 27 cm of new snow this morning) and we're really hoping to make the LDR Spring Fling RTE (Ride to Eat) the first weekend of May.  Between the two?  Maybe swing down into Oregon.  Maybe over to Michigan...  Who knows?  :)

Well...  I'd better wrap this up for now.  It's not really late but it's been a long day and tomorrow doesn't promise to be any shorter.

-Are We There Yet?

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