08 March 2006
Wahiawa, Hawaii

We haven't begun our trip yet.  Getting close.  My retirement ceremony is a mere 15 days away.  The second and third wave of movers will descend upon us next week to pack up the bulk of our belongings.  The bike and most everything we will need on the trip were packed up the middle of last month with a promised delivery date in Butte of 10 April.

Our plans for the trip have changed about eleventy-billion times and are likely to change as many times again before we are finished.  No big deal.  The only place we really gotta be at a specific time is in Hyder the last weekend of May.  Before that, after that, doesn't really matter.

One of the worst parts of making a transoceanic move with the Navy is that they will ship only one (four-wheel) vehicle.  When we moved from Virginia to Guam we were allowed only one vehicle.  When we moved from Guam to Hawaii we were allowed only one vehicle.  Now that we are moving from Hawaii back to The Really Big Island we are, again, allowed only one vehicle (and that one only as far as Seattle).  If we wish to ship another vehicle it come out of our pocket.  It makes it very difficult to have to replace one of our vehicles every three or four years.  It's not like Navy pay is a fortune or anything...  So I once again find myself in the position of having to sell a vehicle.  Trying to time the sale to ensure both of us have the necessary transportation to do what we need to do before we leave and still allow enough time to make sure we sell it can be a difficult juggling act.

I recently started advertising the Dodge and got a couple nibbles and one huge strike.  This is the "conversation" between me and the "strike"

I really wish I had the time to mess with this jerk and track him down.

Things are starting to happen pretty fast now and even though I have only eight more days of work between now and the ceremony, those days I am not working are filled with other activities.  We'll be spending one week on Maui (poor us, eh?) starting the day after the ceremony then it's off to The Really Big Island.  Not sure yet when we will start off on the trip but we're thinking we'll leave just as soon as we can.  We might end up hauling the bike out of the Rocky Mountains in a U-Haul truck if the snow doesn't hurry up and melt.

-Are We There Yet?

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