Hawaii?  Yah, We've been there...

30 March 2006
Kahului, Hawaii

Tomorrow we bid farewell to the Aloha State.

Just a quick update.  The last couple days we spent playing tourist but tomorrow we leave.  We're getting on the airplane tomorrow evening and headed back to the Land of Winter.  I'm not sure when we will next be able to send a Travelogue entry but it might not be until we are on the road with the bike.

The bike and most of the gear we're taking on the trip with us will be delivered Monday.  I'll have four or five days to gather all our stuff, finish outfitting the bike, and testing everything to make sure it all still works.  Our electrically heated clothing arrived while we were here so it's sitting there waiting for us.  Not really sure what ever became of the new battery and sidebag rail I ordered.  A&S doesn't seem to have any desire to answer my email queries.  They were pretty quick to charge my card, however.

Today we were supposed to go on a sunset dinner cruise but as we were shuffling around Lahaina waiting to shove off the weather turned real nasty and they called off the trip.  We ended up having dinner at the beautiful Kula Lodge instead.  Even though we were not treated to the spectacular sunset we had last time we were here, it was still a good time and good food.

Until we once again have an opportunity to catch you up with us...

-Are We There Yet?

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