27 April 2006
Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Well, mostly.

We finished our end-to-end run of the Blue Ridge Parkway today.  With the exception of several miles that were apparently closed for one reason or another.  We got detoured off the BRP about four miles east of Little Switzerland and routed to I-40 for a while.  Until then we were averaging 50 mpg.  Our first gas stop of the day happened at 193 miles on the trip odometer.  We put 3.9 gallons in which means we still had at least 0.6 gallons left before we needed to start worrying.

The Parkway is as beautiful as I remember it from more than eight years ago when I was last here.  When we left Roanoke, Virginia the weather didn't look too promising.  It was cold and spitting rain.  After the first fifty miles or so the clouds started to clear.  By the time we were in North Carolina the sun was out, the roads were dry, and I was having a hell of a time keeping a check on my throttle hand.  There was very little other traffic most of the way.  We only got stuck behind motor homes twice but they were summarily dismissed in short order.  We had more problems with bicycle riders than anything else.  Why is it those jerks ride two or three abreast blocking the entire lane all while pedaling at a whopping 5 mph?  One jackass actually had the audacity to flip me off when I passed him over the double yellow line.  He ought to be grateful I actually went into the other lane to pass him rather than kicking him in the ass as we went by.  We saw a few deer along the way and there was one stretch of road about three miles long where we saw a lot of turkeys.  No pictures from today because the camera was packed away to keep it dry when we started and we never stopped long enough to get it back out again.  I will, however, make sure I bring it with me when we stop by the "Wheels Through Time" motorcycle museum before we depart in the morning.

-Are We There Yet?

Travel Stats:
Miles Traveled Today 388
Total Average Speed 45.5
Total Moving Average Speed 48.0
Miles Traveled Total (including "local" travel) 5122

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